Senior Operations Manager
Hard and soft skills required for the position:
1. At least 3 years in a product company in a top management position.
2. English proficiency at least B2 level.
3. Operations Management: In-depth knowledge of operational processes, methodologies, and best practices
4. Project Management: Strong understanding of project management principles, methodologies (such as Agile or Waterfall), and tools to plan, execute, and monitor projects, ensuring timely delivery and resource allocation.
5. Financial Analysis: Proficiency in financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and cost control to manage operational budgets, track expenses, and identify opportunities for cost reduction and efficiency improvement.
6. Vendor and Contract Management: Expertise in negotiating and managing contracts with external vendors, ensuring compliance, managing relationships, and monitoring performance to drive operational efficiency.
Nice to have:
1. Data Analysis: Ability to extract, analyze, and interpret data from multiple sources, to make data-driven decisions and identify trends or opportunities.
2. Risk Management: Knowledge of risk assessment and mitigation strategies to identify potential risks, implement appropriate controls, and develop contingency plans to ensure smooth operations and minimize potential disruptions.
3. Business Acumen: Understanding key business principles, market dynamics, and industry trends to align operations with strategic objectives and contribute to the company's overall success.
Job responsibilities include:
1. Coordinating and facilitating the work of the company's units.
2. Developing and implementing plans and operational processes to improve efficiency and productivity, including supporting and updating the infrastructure of services.
3. Collaborating with other departments to ensure effective coordination and alignment of operational activities.
4. Analyzing operational data and metrics to identify areas for improvement, implement process enhancements, and drive continuous improvement initiatives.
5. Managing vendor relationships, contracts, and service-level agreements to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness.
6. Monitoring and managing operational budgets, track expenses, and identify opportunities for cost reduction and efficiency improvement.
We offer the following benefits:
1. Salary based on the results of the interview.
2. Flexible schedule.
3. Ability to work completely remotely.
4. Paid vacation and sick leave.
5. Participation in conferences and seminars organized by Netpeak Group.
6. Compensation of 50% of the cost of participation in external educational events.
7. 50% reimbursement of the cost of English language courses.
8. 50% coverage of health insurance, as well as 50% of the cost of psychotherapy, dental care and sports.
9. Individual and group work with a corporate psychologist.
10. Speaking clubs in English with a neat speaker, and online yoga.
11. Corporate events and entertainment, both at the level of the entire Netpeak Group and more locally, at the level of Kiss My Apps. Large-scale events have been suspended for now, but we will definitely resume these traditions as soon as it becomes possible and safe for everyone.
12. We provide convenient equipment regardless of the format of work.
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