User Acquisition Manager
Hard and soft skills required for the position:
1. 2+ years of experience in user acquisition/performance marketing. At least 6 months of experience with mobile applications is a must.
2. Successful cases of managing advertising budgets in Facebook Ads from $50,000. Experience with other networks will be a plus.
3. Understanding of marketing metrics such as CPM, CTR, CPC, CR, CPA, ROAS, ROI, LTV, CAC, Churn, Retention and the relationship with the company's financial results.
4.  Deep understanding of the key marketing principles and cognitive empathy - the ability to understand the pains and needs of users.
5. Systematic and structured approach to work.
6. Strong critical thinking and data-driven approach.
7. Strong analytical skills (factor analysis, ability to find cause-and-effect relationships, prioritization).
8.  Ability to generate and implement qualitatively new ideas and hypotheses.
9. Knowledge of English at B2+ level.
Job responsibilities include:
1. Creating and implementing a user acquisition strategy on Meta and TikTok for a specific product.
2. Implementing of the launch strategy and fulfillment of KPIs based on the launch results.
3. Step-by-step optimizating of the testing process to increase efficiency.
4. Working with the creative team to create high-quality advertising creatives that convert. You will set tasks for the creative team, participate in brainstorming sessions, and evaluate the results of the designers' work.
5. Researching direct and indirect competitors in terms of channels, advertising materials, and successful approaches to user engagement.
We offer the following benefits:
1. Salary based on the results of the interview.
2. Flexible schedule.
3. Ability to work completely remotely.
4. Paid vacation and sick leave.
5. Participation in conferences and seminars organized by Netpeak Group.
6. Compensation of 50% of the cost of participation in external educational events.
7. 50% reimbursement of the cost of English language courses.
8. 50% coverage of health insurance, as well as 50% of the cost of psychotherapy, dental care and sports.
9. Individual and group work with a corporate psychologist.
10. Speaking clubs in English with a neat speaker, and online yoga.
11. Corporate events and entertainment, both at the level of the entire Netpeak Group and more locally, at the level of Kiss My Apps. Large-scale events have been suspended for now, but we will definitely resume these traditions as soon as it becomes possible and safe for everyone.
12. We provide convenient equipment regardless of the format of work.
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