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Kiss My Apps – among the global leaders in growth rates, so we constantly strengthen our team with specialists in various fields
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Check Vacancies
Our approach to team development is based on learning
We offer career entry for beginners through our own educational courses, and for the development of C-level management through frameworks and internal educational programs from the top management of Netpeak Group
Working in the Kiss My Apps team, you get:
In addition, any employee can propose their own startup idea and if it meets the necessary criteria, receive investment and become a partner of Kiss My Apps
Our team is made up of professionals of various ages, genders, and experiences, but all are united by the following extremely important characteristics:
Critical thinking
The ability to objectively analyze and evaluate information to form a reasoned judgment
The desire to learn and understand more, the inclination towards self-education
Attention to detail
Attention and precision in task execution, a demand for high-quality standards
Former interns can manage million-dollar budgets within their first year
If our values and approaches resonate with you, respond to our vacancies and we will be glad to see you in our team!
Let's develop the culture of digital product development and entrepreneurship together in Ukraine!
Product Manager
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Product Analyst
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Senior Operations Manager
Junior PPC Specialist
iOS Developer
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SMM & Communication Manager
Intern Marketing Specialist
Intern Product Manager
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